I got to know Jen over a Skype interview for a position of a video host and a producer at Stugan*. She immediately stood out in the pool of other candidates thanks to her genuine excitement for the job and an instant flow of new ideas for the video production at Stugan. Her job at Stugan consisted of creating Stugan’s presence on social media: coming up with ideas and scripting videos for Stugan’s YouTube channel, recording and editing them. Additionally, Jen was taking care of all of Stugan’s social media channels.

Once at Stugan, she made a detailed plan for the whole summer and manage to stick to it, despite juggling her assignment for Stugan with her regular full time job. Apart from all this she also managed to be very social with all the participants, playing their games, engaging in long conversations about the game industry and forming close relationships that are set to last way past Stugan. Jen showed a great deal of an ability to adapt to any situation, changing the usual setting of her work from central Madrid to a rural part of Sweden and she made it her own.

*Stugan is a non-profit game accelerator for game developers from all over the world. Together they spend two months in a cabin in the middle of the Swedish woods working on their games. It is founded by veterans of the Swedish game industry who want to give back and support new talents.